Why Python is popular?

Let’s get started

Learning a programming language is good thing to get started. But managing how to get started or what coding language to learn is a difficult task. So I recommend you all to get started with python. But expect know many coding language.

What is Python ?

Python is extremely popular programming language in fact it is the fastest growing right now . Its is frequently used in scripting and automation machine learning the internet things and so much more . python is been a go -to -choice for world class companies like Facebook, Google, Spotify and Netflix just name few.

Why programmers choice Python over than other language?

Simple syntax

Because no one like working with a confusing and complicated programming language. Even expert programmers appreciate a straight forward language from time to time unlike some other language python is a clear readable syntax that make it easy for beginners to get start with and for companies onboard new hires without curly braces{}, semicolons ; and type definition . python is easy to write and interpret because it’s a bit less clutter than any other languages simply put writing and interpreting code in python is intuitive. Lets get with a quick example


Here C program, Java and python program to print “HELLO WORLD “ you guys can easily spot the different python code has half of the code compare to other program. In Java we must create class specify the main function in our program and use khan fluid system dot out dot print in in to out put two single word onto the screen in python we can just type and pass in hello comma world it’s that easy because python does not required any type definition to assign variables it uses space rather than curly braces and it even does not required the motion of object oriented programming .

Community and Resources

Python’s global community’s vast both online and offline strong community like python extremely advantageous as a lager community provides an outlet for you to get help from your peer develop your programming skills and discover creative new ways to solve interesting problems. Since python is and open source you’ll have access to some of the brightest most motivated developer out there to end this end Python hosts meetups conferences workshop all though the year and in cities al around the world where u are an beginner or an expert the python community is eager and enthusiastic to help with real python blog the python subreddit and youtuber like Tech with Tim it’s easy to plug in to the python where ever your in the world .

Your check python’s official community using this link-here


There is also wide range of frame work and libraries built into python so getting into any project is quick easy python large and robot standard library features modules that add functionality to code without having spend time writing them yourself. For example OS module that is used to interacting the host machines and operating . If you are unfamiliar with any part of python standard library you can read informative and helpful documentation on their official website. Python is supported many platforms like Mac OS, window and Linux this portability is extremely convenient since it allows you to run between different operating system.


You guys must python because how multi purpose it is since there are so many frame work and libraries built on top of python it can be used for basically a programming languages is capable of python is popular choice for creating and hosting a website it can analyse data really well run script to automate boring task and so much more one area in particulars is DevOps. DevOps is the integration of developers and operation teams to increase productivity and collaboration in a company this done by automating workflows and infrastructure and by measuring their performs DevOps team often use python to achieve its efficient to code with and this is just one example how python is used there are so many application and uses python in business education and other fields.

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Creative, analytical, ambitious, process oriented, keen learner, passionate and excellent visual acumen are few words have been used to describe me.

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Creative, analytical, ambitious, process oriented, keen learner, passionate and excellent visual acumen are few words have been used to describe me.

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