Want to learn Robotics?

What is Robotics?

As the term suggest Robotic is the science study of robot. The term robot is comes from Czech word “Robota”. Robota meaning forced labor coined by Karel Capek in 1921. Later Isaac asimov late back in 1940 . A formulated a three laws of robotics.


First Law

The first law of robotics a state that A robot may not injury a human being or through in action allow a human being to come to harm.

Second Law

The second law state that a robot must follow the comment of the human being expect where this command does not conflict which the first law.

Third Law

A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or second law .

A robot is a integrated system made up of sensors, manipulators, control system, power supplies and software which work co- dependently in order to perform task. The study of the robot therefore requires a multidisplinary approach which includes subjects like science physics mechanical engineering, electrical engineering structural engineering, mathematics, computer engineering are involved.

All Robots are machine but all machine are not robots because to be robot the need to have a certain characteristics to be as a robot. those characteristics are:

From https://www.eetimes.com/sensing-the-environment-as-with-human-senses/


One of the most important aspect of a machine to be called as a robot is its ability to sense the environment in which it is working. The sensing ability of the robot are not very much different from that of humans . They have engineer to have light sensors which perform the function eyes and touch and pressure sensor which perform the function of hand, chemical sensor which perform the function of nose, hearing and sonar sensors which perform the function of the ears and taste sensor which perform the function of tongue and all these sensor together make a robot aware of its aware of its surrounding



A Robot has the ability to move locomote from one place to another like a sojourner or either move one of its parts like Canada Arm to carry out the moment of the products. This can be done by the rolling wheels, walking legs or propelling on thrusters


A Robot is required to have a power source to carry out around task a robot could gets it energy through solar charging, electrical charging or battery. depending on the robot.


After reading this blog u guys came to know about what is robotics. how coined robotics. the fundamental laws of robotics. how you can find the difference between machine and robot.

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Creative, analytical, ambitious, process oriented, keen learner, passionate and excellent visual acumen are few words have been used to describe me.

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Creative, analytical, ambitious, process oriented, keen learner, passionate and excellent visual acumen are few words have been used to describe me.

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