The difference between the two languages as well as the specific areas in each of them shine.

One of the main differences between rust and go is definitely Simplicity in fact it is one of the most go selling points becoming productive in GO usually takes a few hours or days whereas in rust it could take few weeks that has a direct effect on the collaborations because go programs being easy to read and easy to manage in large teams also because it’s more difficult to get your colleagues to learn a complex language like Rust. Whereas GO few hours or days they start to become productive that simplicity comes at a cost.

In particular, GO…

Are you One Of the Many Who Dreams Of Becoming A Data Scientist?

While she’s is working on a data science project well it is very important to understand the problem first. In the meeting with your client, Emma asks relevant questions understands, and defines objectives with the problem that needs to be tackled. She is a purist soul who asks a lot of questions. One of the many traits of a good data scientist now she cares up about data acquisition to gather and scrape data from multiple sources like SAP servers log databases API’s and online repositories. …

Head 2 Head Comparison.







Despite the reputation of java as a very popular programming language. Android was long in need of a modern language Kotlin filled the gap ever since it was announced as the official language for android development but definitely, java has a place to which is hard to complete.

It’s a well-known fact that every technology has something new to offer updates in the older version, introduction to newer technologies, and some that are…

I have categorized the programming languages based on the Community Support and Job Opportunities Offered.

Dying Programming Languages or completely Obsolete Programming Languages

It is said that Assembly Language helps the programmer to write human-readable code that is almost similar to machine-level language. Machine-level language is difficult to understand and just a series of numbers Assembly Language provides us full control of what the computer is performing. Now

let’s look at the advantage of Assembly language provide us

It is a completely Hardware Oriented programming language.

It is used for critical jobs.

It has lesser instruction lines

More memory efficient.

Is coding is required for hacking?

There is we important point You do not need to learn programming to become a good hacker, learning programming will actually not make you a hacker. If you learn to program you’ll become a programmer and without the hacking skills, you will not be able to hack anything or test the security of anything instead you should look at the programming as a skill or an add-on that you can add to your existing hacking skills. So you can combine both of these skills and use your programming knowledge when testing the security of systems when writing hacking tools and…

What is an OpenCV?

OpenCV is an open-source package/library which is aimed at real-time computer vision. The library is cross-platform - it can support Python, Java, c++, etc. It was originally developed by intel. It’s free for use under the open-source BSD license. The OpenCV library is one of the most widely used packages for implementing video detection, motion detection, video recognition image recognition, and even deep learning face recognition applications.

2d and the 3d featured toolkits.

The facial recognition application is one of the most widely used applications of computer vision.

Gesture recognition.

Human-computer interaction

Motion understanding

Object Detection

Segmentation and Recognition


8) C#

C sharp is object-oriented and easy to learn programing language. It is fast supports a large number of libraries for rich functionality and it makes it the next best choice after C++. …

Regardless of what technology you actually work on it is very important to keep an eye on what’s happening in other languages libraries and frameworks well the easy way of doing it just follows my blogs because I keep upcoming with this new fantastic news.


Rust has gained a lot of love from the developers and in today's video, we are going to talk about why is it happening and what can be foreseen about the rust.

The primary goal of any exactly well rust knows that if I’m gonna be absolutely friendly to developers that’s the way. How developers…

Before we start let me give an introduction to the bot of the coding language

What is GO??

GO is a programming language created by Google. It’s easy to learn and well suited for team development. Another characteristic feature is its speed. It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world.

What can GO do??

Websites (Where java script can be still used )

Mobile applications (For front end part)

System programming

Used for server-side programming

History of GO

Originated as an experiment at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike & Ken Thompson. Created by google 2007.

GOAL: Development speed of python with the performance safety c and…

Basic introduction on Mechatronics…


The word Mechatronic is composed of Mecha + tronics. Where Mecha -mean mechanism. And tronics for electronics. This derivation is given by an Japanese company Yasakawa Electric Company. Mechatronics is not the combination of Electronic and Mechanical and even Computer Engineering.

Key Element of Mechatronic

  • Physical System of Modeling
  • Sensors ad Actuators
  • Signal and system
  • Computer and Logic system
  • Software and Data Acquisition

Industrial Scope

Mechatronic has Wide range of scope in the many fields even in the present. but the scope of the mechatronic will be high in the future. there will be dramatic grow in the industrial sector because of Mechatronics and Robotics. …


Creative, analytical, ambitious, process oriented, keen learner, passionate and excellent visual acumen are few words have been used to describe me.

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